Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO makes your business relevant and visible online. As a search engine optimization agency, we make use of proven SEO techniques that help our clients enjoy success in both the search markets and the competitive markets as well. Our SEO goals are to grow your traffic and improve keyword rankings.

SEO gains can be short lived without first building the proper foundation. So we use strategies that set you up for success over the long haul. Our approach includes both on-page SEO and off-page link-building and influencer outreach.

On-page SEO

On page SEO attains higher rankings and more traffic from search engines. We strategically crawl, audit and fix on-page technical SEO elements. Every detail matters as we lay strong groundwork.

We will crawl, audit, and fix technical on-page SEO elements including title tags, meta descriptions, image tags, XML sitemap, canonical URLs and proper indexing. Robots.txt file, fix broken links, Google Analytics and other necessary elements. Sound like alphabet soup? No sweat. We’ll explain everything along the way.

Influencer Outreach

Also called off-page SEO, focuses on inbound linking from other sites to yours. Building a business’s reputation online takes time. But influencer outreach and link building can help.

Ever heard the business saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Influencer outreach works a little like that. Working with influencers and bloggers, plus placing alt-text sub-page links, offers our clients greater visibility. Jubilant can connect you to PR opportunities, social media influencers, and link opportunities to make the most of your SEO budget. As we engage with relevant sites to produce links back to your site, domain authority is boosted. Translation? More attention and higher ranking.

Jubilant takes a white-hat approach to off-page SEO. You can trust that our SEO techniques fall in line with the webmaster guidelines* of the major search engines, including Google. Nothing deceitful or risky, ever. We stand behind our ethical tactics.

And, most importantly, you’re in the loop throughout the process. At Jubilant Digital, we believe a transparent approach is the right approach. When we can teach you how SEO works and what factors influence success, then we’re aligned. Full reporting and thorough analytics come standard. We’re basically your tech-savviest friend.

*Google does not endorse or verify SEO services. They have provided website developers with a global set of guidelines, which we follow.

Search Engine Optimization
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