Jubilant is a team of digital problem solvers. Our honest and earnest experts dig digital marketing campaigns. Our versatile team loves putting innovative solutions to work. We’re constantly investing in education and top-tier tools to stay on top of our game. We’ve worked hard to get where we are. And with Jubilant, you get all our expertise at your fingertips. We’re digital superheroes, just without the capes.

Meet Our Team

Josh Eliseuson

Founder & Digital Strategist
913.318.5707 | josh@jubilantdigital.com

Gavin Hodges

Paid Search
913.318.5712 | gavin@jubilantdigital.com

Morgan Nielsen

Account Management
913.318.5887 | morgan@jubilantdigital.com

Alan Williams

Client Success
913.318.6375 | alan@jubilantdigital.com

Derek Sechi

Paid Search
913.318.5880 | derek@jubilantdigital.com

Alicia Croci

Social Media
913.318.5973 | alicia@jubilantdigital.com

Ryne Kortum

Paid Search
913.318.5963 | ryne@jubilantdigital.com

Kevin Pike

Web Development/SEO

Daniel Pike


Chelsea Roller

Content Development

Morgan Mitchell

Content Development

Breanna Lehane

Influencer Management

Rebecca Wilson

Account Management

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